Amazon Easy store

The world's largest online retailer Amazon, has introduced the improved "Amazon Easy Store" model, which combines many Amazon services through a single touchpoint.

Amazon Easy store

What are Amazon Easy stores?

A service called Amazon Easy enables internet retailers to help their clients with their online shopping. This program aims to help clients begin their e-commerce journey where retailers saw an increase in foot traffic, they said thanks to the Amazon Easy branding.

Why this store?

These shops will provide a real product display where customers can touch and feel the products. They consist of one-stop shopping assistance and last-mile delivery for clients. Through a tangible product display, customers may also use the staff's guidance to place an order on “”, pick it up from the shop, or have it delivered right to their door.

"It shows Amazon Easy Store as playing a vital part in enabling the next 200–300 million people to enjoy shopping on as well as providing local jobs and self-employment possibilities," said Kishore Thota (director of the customer experience and marketing for Amazon India).

The owners of the stores will now be able to make use of Amazon's last-mile delivery service, "I Have Space," to deliver items to clients in their region and arrange pick-ups, generating a second source of income for themselves. In Bengaluru's Mahalakshmi Layout, the first such limited-edition Amazon Easy shop is now up for business. With the help of current and future network partners, Amazon will soon open improved format stores in other regions of the nation.

According to Amazon, "We have been working with local companies and entrepreneurs to remove the obstacles to online shopping, especially for customers from lower-tier areas." The most recent Amazon Easy store style is another step in this trend, boosting the variety of services to customers as well as introducing new streams of income for store owners. "

Since the updated stores prioritize communicating in Vernacular first, they have improved brand and product visibility as well as a specialized area for product demonstrations. As a result, customers' trust in their purchasing experience is boosted. When browsing and buying, customers have access to a choice of regional and local brands, in addition to several well-known national names.

According to Amazon, allocating a specific area for these businesses ensures everyone's visibility and provides shoppers with a wide product selection. The stores with the enhanced formats will only provide Amazon Easy services. All of the updated stores have been thoughtfully created to adhere to the social estrangement standards.

To provide the Amazon Easy experience to customers who are new to online shopping in India, Amazon collaborates with a number of network partners, including Vakrangee, Indiabuys, and Velocity. To assist consumers in locating and purchasing their preferred items, hires workers and teaches store owners. This is opening up new revenue sources for company owners and organizations like Kirana stores, pharmacies, and stationery shops. Starting in Bengaluru, Amazon and Velocity will roll out the enhanced model, Easy Stores. With the assistance of its other partners, Amazon will progressively extend these outlets to other regions of the nation.

"Amazon Easy Stores have the potential to transform how consumers view e-commerce and online shopping, and the aided shopping service will offer more simplicity and comfort," said Anil Sharma, Managing Director, Velocity Brand Server Pvt. Ltd. With the help of huge network partners as well as thousands of independent business owners, Amazon India launched Amazon Easy as a trial program in 2015 and has now expanded it to every state and union territory and as well as regional, rural areas in the nation. Customers who purchase on may still visit their local Amazon Easy stores, which are spread out around the nation, to take advantage of help-shopping services.