Common Skin Disorders

The symptoms and severity of skin conditions vary widely. They may be fleeting or long-lasting, painful or not. While some may have genetic origins, others may have environmental ones. Skin problems range from trivial to potentially fatal.

Common Skin Disorders

While the majority of skin conditions are mild, some others can point to a more significant problem. If you believe you may have one of these common skin issues, consult your doctor.

There are many different types of skin disorders.


common places to find them include the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and upper back.

It May leave scars or darken the skin if untreated

Cold sore

During outbreaks, moderate flu-like symptoms such as low fever, body aches, and enlarged lymph nodes may also manifest.


characterized by a fluid-filled, transparent, and watery region on the skin


Bruised, itchy welts that develop after being exposed to an allergen

Warm and red with a slight sting to the touch.