Face icing lowers puffiness and pores size.

Many people use face ice as part of their skincare regimens to treat various skin issues, such as puffiness and irritation. But is the efficacy of ice facials, commonly referred to as cold therapy, as high as claimed?

Face icing lowers puffiness and pores size.

Face icing "has its benefits, though not as miraculous as it is made up to be on social media, and the dos and don'ts one must follow."

1. Reduces puffiness: Applying ice to the face helps with lymphatic drainage, which in turn reduces puffiness, particularly around the eyes.

2. Pore size decreases: "As icing causes vasoconstriction, your pores will look smaller immediately after icing," the statement continued, noting the effect. a helpful tip before putting on makeup.

3. Reduces inflammation: This simple method can also aid in decreasing inflammation.

Some dos and don’ts:

*Before applying ice to the face, cover it with cotton gauze or muslin cloth.

* Keep the cube moving; avoid leaving it still for an extended period of time.

*Use a face icing bowl, and dip your face for no longer than five seconds at a time. "Icing should be done in the morning. Maximum duration: 5 seconds on, 3 seconds off.