Google celebrates NASA's DART mission with a cool animation. Just do a Google search

Google has released a stunning new animation to commemorate NASA's successful "first planetary defence technology demonstration." In its web browser, Google is showing an animation of NASA's spaceship mission.

Google celebrates NASA's DART mission with a cool animation. Just do a Google search

NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) collided with an asteroid passing by in its orbit. The mission was one of the first to test if an asteroid or other celestial body could be diverted from its route to protect Earth from a probable impact. Google has released a new animation gimmick that mimics NASA's DART mission to commemorate the milestone.

If you search for "NASA DART" or "NASA DART mission" on Google, you will now see an animation. An animated NASA spacecraft will travel across the screen and collide with the right side of the screen. The animation will also alter the angle of the search screen, making it feel more immersive.

NASA launched the DART project to see if asteroids that could strike Earth could be safely redirected from their path. The $344 million spacecraft purposely landed on an asteroid in its first test to adjust its orbital route.

DART was launched by NASA to strike the asteroid moonlet Deimorpos, which is part of the Didymos asteroid system. The spacecraft hit the target asteroid at a speed of 24,000 kilometres per hour in order to alter its orbit. The mission's goal was to test kinetic impactor technology, which may be deployed to shield Earth from an incoming asteroid. "At its core, DART represents an extraordinary success for planetary defence, but it is also a mission of unity with a genuine benefit for all humanity," NASA Administrator Michael Griffin stated.