Happy Onam @ An annual harvest festival

The event is held in remembrance of King Mahabali's spirit returning to Kerala from the underworld, according to mythology.

Happy Onam @  An annual harvest festival

Onam, an annual harvest festival observed by the Malayalee population in and outside of Kerala, honours the annual return of King Mahabali, who is thought to be the progenitor of Kashyapa, a revered Brahmin sage and follower of Lord Vishnu.

People celebrate in a variety of activities, such as boat races (Vallam Kali), tiger dances (Pulikali), flower rangoli (Pookkalam), onathappan (worship), tug-of-war (Onam Kali), women's dances (Thumbi Thullal), mask dances (Kumattikali), martial arts (Onathallu), music (Onavillu), plantain offerings (Kashchakkula) (folk songs and dance).

It falls on the 22nd nakshatra Thiruvonam in the Malayalam calendar month of Chingam. This year the festival season is on Tuesday, August 30, and will end on Thursday, September 8.