What is High Risk/High Reward Research Scheme?

A scheme known as "High Risk, High Reward Research" encourages and supports fresh ideas that could change the way science and technology are approached.

What is High Risk/High Reward Research Scheme?

The financing plan High Risk-High Reward Research seeks to promote ideas that are innovative and risky conceptually, and if successful, are anticipated to have a paradigm-shifting impact on science and technology. This could be in the form of developing new hypotheses or making scientific discoveries that help new technologies arise. 


1.The applicant must be an Indian national who resides in India. 

2. The applicant(s) must be employed full-time in an academic or research capacity at an accredited institution. 

3. Either an individual or a group of researchers may submit a proposal. A Principal Investigator who will lead the research goals and oversee the grant must be named in proposals filed by a group of researchers. 

The Nature of Proposals to be Supported: 

The scheme aims to foster novel ideas, contend with accepted theories, and offer "out of the box" solutions to significant issues. It should be high-risk with the potential for a huge payoff if the challenges can be overcome. The success of such ideas is anticipated to have significant effects on S&T. Results could include novel and important theoretical or experimental advancements, the development of new hypotheses, or groundbreaking research that will result in new technology. We won't support proposals that deal with scientific challenges that lead to "incremental" understanding. The proposal should ideally include audacious research concepts with the potential to advance both science and technology and have a broad impact. 

Nature & Duration of Support.

1. The financing is generally given out for a three-year term. The expert group has determined that the period may be up to 5 years in rare circumstances. 

2.There is no set spending limit for projects of this nature. In addition to overhead grants, the research grant covers supplies, consumables, contingencies, and travel. 

Selection & Mode of Application. 

1. Going forward, HRHR submissions may only be filed in response to calls for proposals that will open at the same time as CRG. 

2. In accordance with the Board's approval, peer reviews will be used to assess the proposals. 

Downloads of Relevant Documents. 

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