Intergenerational solidarity is the theme of International Youth Day 2022.

On August 12 every year, the entire world observes International Youth Day as a day of awareness. Recognizing the youth's contributions to improving global society is significant.

Intergenerational solidarity is the theme of International Youth Day 2022.

Youth is the guardian of success. Future leaders will be among today's youth. This day is meant to raise awareness about any injustice or prejudice that is being committed against young people, who are crucial to the development of nations. It is a chance to increase understanding of the difficulties and obstacles that young people around the world face.


In 1965, the United Nations General Assembly began aggressively influencing youngsters. The Declaration on the Promotion of the Values of Peace, Mutual Respect, and Understanding among People was supported by them. The UN General Assembly approved the creation of International Youth Day on December 17, 1999, after the recommendation of the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth. It was established on August 12, 2000, and ever since that day, it has been used to educate society.


International Youth Day encourages full participation in civic activities as well as equal access to employment, financial services, healthcare, education, and other societal benefits. The goal of the day is to recognize and respect the contributions made by young volunteers and activists who are trying to improve the world.

The goal of "Intergenerational Solidarity" is to create a world that is inclusive of people of all ages. The goal is to get the word out that all generations must take action to order to fulfill Agenda 2030's 17 SDGs and ensure that no one is left behind.