Michael Dell, The Founder of Dell Inc,

"Dell" is a well-known computer brand around the world, and Michael Dell is its founder, chairman, and CEO. He is an American businessman and philanthropist who started "Dell Technologies" while still in college.

Michael Dell, The Founder of Dell Inc,

The Bloomberg Billionaire Index ranks him as the 20th richest person in the world, with a net worth of $60 billion as of February 2022. Even though he created a thriving company in college, he had to deal with many ups and downs in order to keep it afloat. Let us be inspired by Michael Dell.

Michael Saul Dell has a net worth of USD 5, 360 crores (2022). 

A businessman and philanthropist, 

Dell's titles are Founder, Chairman, and CEO. 

Birthday: February 23, 1965 

Age: 57 

United States of America, Houston 

English and Spanish are spoken. 

Hobbies: technology and gadgets

Dell's business plan aimed to increase market share for business computers by cutting prices, speeding up delivery, and providing excellent customer service. To do this, he concentrated on direct sales outside of traditional retail outlets and hired experienced executives to fill positions in the company and serve as personal mentors. Dell entered Fortune magazine's list of the top 500 firms in the world in 1992, making him the youngest CEO in history to do so. In his book, Direct from Dell: Ideas That Revolutionized an Industry (1999), Dell outlined the history of the company's growth and presented tactics that could be utilised by any organisation.

Awards & Honors: 

He was named "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Inc. magazine (at age 24). 

He was selected as a "Top CEO in American Business" by Worth magazine, and "CEO of the Year" by Financial World, Industry Week, and Chief Executive. 

Dell also received the American Academy of Achievement's Golden Plate Award in 1998 and the Franklin Institute's Bower Award for Business Leadership in 2013. 

He has served on the International Business Council's executive committee, the governing board of the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India, the World Economic Forum's Foundation Board, and the United States Business Council, as well as the United States President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.