Single Point Registration Scheme.

Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises: The single largest buyer of a variety of goods.

Single Point Registration Scheme.

The Government is the single buyer of a wide range of products. The Government Stores Purchase Programme was introduced in 1955–1956 with the goal of increasing the proportion of purchases from the small-scale sector. Micro and small businesses (MSEs) are registered with NSIC through the Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS) in order to participate in government purchases.

Benefits of Single Point Registration Scheme


EXEMPTION FROM EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)




All Micro and Small Businesses with an EM Part-II (Optional) or Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) are qualified to register with NSIC under its Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS).

Micro & Small Businesses that have started producing for the market but have not yet been in operation for a full year.

How To Apply

1. Micro and Small Businesses can fill out the "Point of Interest" form on website,, or on the prescribed application form (in duplicate), which can be obtained from NSIC offices or downloaded from the website. They should then submit the completed form, along with the required fee and supporting documentation, to the NSIC branch or extension office that is the closest to their location.

2. Copy of the G.P. in duplicate. The Micro & Small Enterprise will submit a Registration Application Form to the concerned Inspection Agency along with copies of the necessary documentation and the required Proof of Inspection Fees paid infavour of the concerned Inspection Agency, requesting that they conduct a technical inspection of the Micro & Small Enterprise and forward their findings and recommendations in this regard.

3. Following receipt of the Inspection Report, NSIC will provide Micro & Small Enterprises the SPRS Registration Certificate for the products/stores that are suggested.

4. REGISTRATION FEE: For the purposes of registration, renewal, and any other amendments, the registration fee is based on the net sales turnover as reported on the most recent audited balance sheet of the Micro & Small Enterprise. Please go to the Document section for a complete fee schedule. The Inspection Fee is not included in the Registration Fee, which is indicated in the Document section. Please go to the Document section for information about inspecting agencies and their fees.

5. The link "List of Empanalled Agencies along with Inspection Fees" in the below DOCUMENTS section allows you to download a list of all approved inspection agencies with the full fee structure.

Validity Period Of Single Point Registration.

1.The Single Point Registration Scheme (Revised) of 2003 granted a Micro & Small Enterprise a Registration Certificate that is valid for two years. This certificate will be reviewed and renewed every two years by confirming the Micro & Small Enterprise's ongoing Commercial and Technical Competence in producing the products for which NSIC has registered it.

2. For Micro & Small Enterprises that have started their commercial production but haven't yet reached their first year of existence, the Provisional Registration Certificate with a monitory limit of Rs. 5.00 Lacs and a validity duration of one year may be issued.

Neccessary Documents and Downloads.

Application Form.

Guidelines along with NSIC Processing Fees

Registration Fee For Enlistment under SPRS

Checklist of Documents (For Fresh Registration/ Renewal)


List of Empanalled Agencies along with Inspection Fees

Format of Inspection Officer's Report of Technical Inspecting Agency