Top 10 Upcoming Future Technologies in India

Top 10 Upcoming Future Technologies in India

A prestigious persona has once quoted, “Technology plays a critical role in the modern society. Everyone is touched by the power of technology in some way, large or small, good or bad, every day.” Technology has made our life extremely easy and convenient. But this is not the endpoint of the growth of the technical era. There is still a whole generation that needs to come in the near future that will not only transform our lives in an immense way but will also set new standards in the same domain. And here, the team of Business Talks researched and analyzed the upcoming future technologies in India and has summed up them in this fascinating read for our global readership. 

Top 10 Upcoming Future Technologies in India

1. Robotic guide dogs

 A robotic Guide Dog is a tool that will help in supporting visually impaired people to deal with animals in an easy way. This masterpiece has been designed by a brilliant student of Loughborough University. designed by Anthony Camu, Robotic Guide Dog will replicate the functions of a seeing-eye dog other than helping the person navigate a safe route with real-time data. It will give a helping hand to the user by identifying even a busy road and guiding the best possible route for them.  

2. Sweat powered smartwatches

Some extraordinary Engineers at the University of Glasgow have developed a replacement for the flexible supercapacitor that stores energy by replacing the electrolytes, found in conventional batteries with sweat. the positive and negative ions within the sweat of the person interact with the polymer’s surface by creating an electrochemical reaction that generates energy as it directly absorbs the sweat of the wearer.

3. Living robots

Tiny hybrid robots made by using stem cells from frog embryos can swim around human bodies to specific areas requiring medicine or collect microplastic within the oceans. Joshua Bongard quotes on this invention, “These are novel living machines.” He is not only a scientist and robotics expert at the University of Vermont but also has co-developed the millimeter-wide bots referred to as xenobiotics. 

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Certainly, there is no need to explain how the implementation of Artificial Intelligence gives a hike to the performance, reliability, and scalability of a business. AI has got the status of being the fourth technological revolution across the globe. But unfortunately, there always occur some situations where AI creates some kind of issues that instantly becomes a challenge for the corporate world.

AI Engineering considers AI as a neighborhood of a mainstream process rather than specialized projects. Taking the help of AI, all the issues of governance, scalability, and maintainability become solved. Hence, this technology has all the potential to bring a replacement revolution to the table.

5. Intelligent Process Automation 

Intelligent Process Automation is basically a mechanism that follows the rule that says, anything which will be automated should be automated. The platform utilizes software that automates the entire processes of business for instance handling the info, interpreting applications, replying to emails, processing the transactions, and many more. It is a prediction that after adopting this particular technology, there are huge chances of growing in a big way. 

6. Airports for drones and flying taxis

It is not a lesser-known fact that the cities around the world are in critical need of fresh and breathable air in their environment. And in the near future, it will be possible only through the help of the air and not by the roads. Acquiring the funding all the way from the UK, it is being planned to create a special transport hub entirely for delivering drones and also for electric air taxis.

Backed by an off-grid hydrogen generator, the actual plan of the creators is to get rid of the necessity of delivering vans and private cars on the roads, and that too by replacing them with a clean alternative.

7. Smart sutures that detect infections 

Have you ever wondered how a doctor knows when a wound of patient is infected? of course they wait for a while for the patient to show the signs and symptoms of that particular infection. And they may be in contact with a high school student from Ohio to help him, who has created and developed a genius invention to save lives.

Dasia Taylor, at the age of 17 invented sutures that change their color from bright red to dark purple when a wound becomes infected. This happens by detecting a change in the skin’s pH level in the body.

8. Edge Computing 

Edge computing is speedily becoming a mainstream technology by numerous giant participants, such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and others. As well-established companies are stepping ahead toward cloud solutions, cloud computing is growing in an impressive way. It’s undoubtedly a crucial upcoming future technology in India, which is gonna set new standards for the tech era. 

9. The virtual reality 

The next impressive technology in our list that has been exclusively famous in the year 2021 is augmented reality or we can say virtual reality. Virtual Reality (VR) can be considered a technology that mostly gets utilized in gaming tools such as Play stations. With the help of this great platform, the user enjoys the virtual game in the real world by entering into the sport virtually.

10. Blockchain technology 

Most of the time, people face a lot of confusion about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Although, blockchain is simply different. Blockchain basically facilitates high-end security to the info that proves to be extremely beneficial in one or the other way. If we explain it in simple words, blockchain is generally considered a system of recording something that gets the chance to be hacked or manipulated. 


Technology has made our life extremely easy and convenient. But this is not the endpoint of the growth of the technical era. Here are the major upcoming future technologies in India going to revamp the arena having beyond imagination inventions.