Understanding the situation faced by Indian housewives

Recognizing suppressed mental health trauma: an assessment of how COVID has impacted Indian housewives' mental health.

Understanding the situation faced by Indian housewives

There was much reporting on the COVID-19 emergency's effects in 2020 and 2021. Its consequences include job losses, withdrawal symptoms, and most significantly, the stark vulnerability of women and young girls inside such walls. Domestic violence reports by women increased by 200 per cent as a result of national lockdowns. The coverage emphasized the need for shelter choices, mental health support centres, and ensuring that women's and children's safety is integrated into the health sector.

The aftermath of COVID 19 is being seen by people all over the world as it slowly recedes from various nations, leaving a trail of pain, death, and mental health crises on the one hand, and global response from countries, communities, and research at this level for the first time on the other.

Need for a national youth-focused suicide prevention strategy:

Sadly, it is again the women and the young girls who have been unnoticed. Apart from young girls dropping out of school, to child marriages- to the undoing of decades of work with the intergenerational cycle of abuse and nutritional deficiency continuing- housewives have suffered intensely.